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I was five years old and I knew then, I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. That was my healer archetype talking to me as a child. I liked to play hospital with my friends, we would switch being a doctor or a nurse. As I was growing up that little voice in my head was coaching me on all the way through school. You will become a nurse one day, it said.

I didn’t enter nursing school right out of high school. I waited until I got married and had two kids before enrolling. I married my husband at a young age and had my children young. They were 4 and 5 years old by the time I started school. I was among all these single women and men students. Talk about making things hard for myself.

Finally the day came for me to enroll in nursing schools. It was a long road to get there. One subject I didn’t take in high school was Chemistry. I needed Chemistry 300. The highest level of Chemistry to take in grade 12. I had taken biology. In order to continue on with the enrollment, I had to go back to high school. My student archetype was ready for it.

So I enter an evening class at a local high school to take Chemistry 300. The first night of class the teacher gave us a test on Chemistry 100 and 200. He wanted to see what we remember from grade 10 and 11. Remember, I never took Chemistry at all in high school. So here I was writing a test that I didn’t know anything about the subject. The following week during class he gave us back out test results. He said to me, we have to talk after class. When I looked at my test result, there in the upper right hand corner was written 20%. I was shocked to even get 20%. I was expecting 0%.

So I stayed after class to talk to him. He said me, why did I scored so low on the test. I told him, I never took Chemistry before and I need it to get into nursing school. I told him I wanted to be a nurse since like forever. He looked at me and said, are you are willing to work hard? I will teach you Chemistry 100 and 200 if you want.

I came to class early, worked at my breaks and stayed after class to go over my assignments with him. I was learning all three Chemistry grades at once. I passed the class and was able to enter nursing school. Thanks to this wonderful teacher, who helped make my healer archetype come to life. I graduated as a Registered Nurse and worked many years in the health care system.

Today my healer archetype is still working in me to help others but now it’s as life coach, health coach, Archetype consultant and energy healing practitioner. Your archetypes never go away in you. They may change direction but there always there guiding you. By the way, I did let the teacher know that I got into nursing school with his help. There is always going to be a door that opens for you in life to help make your archetypes come alive in you if you are willing to open it. Knowing your Archetypes makes your life much easier to live.

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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Had I listen to my grade 2 teacher I wonder what my life would have ended up looking like. My dad liked to move. He would buy a house fix it up and then sell it. My mom always made the new place a home for us kids.

I went to eight different schools from kindergarten to grade 12. I started in an English school and then changed to an all French school in grade 2. My parents spoke French to us kids, but I never learned how to read or write it before that year. I was already behind the other kids and that year I failed grade 2. Yes, we failed school if we didn’t have good marks back then.

I remember going to the last parent teacher’s day with my mom. I still remember sitting in a chair beside her and listening word for word as to what the teacher had to tell us. They were talking about me, so I was listening closely. The teacher told my mom that I was going to fail and would have to repeat grade 2. She also suggested that it would be best if I go to an English school. Right in front of me she also said that I would not be smart enough to go into University when I got older. When you are a kid and you hear that you are not as smart as the other kids in your class, it doesn’t sit well with you.  It bothered me for a long time after that.

I did go to an English school and never failed a grade from that point on even with all the moving I did. I had many wonderful teacher in my life that encouraged me and helped me make some of my dreams come true. In another blog I will tell you about one special teacher I had who helped make one of my childhood dreams come true.

Throughout all of my years growing up I still could hear my teachers words that day. You are not smart enough to go to University. Inside me there was this small voice that would say to me, you are going to go someday. I will show her, and so I did. Those words that day could have held me back in life. I was a student at the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and Universite de Saint-Boniface. I even went to Red River Collage. As a matter of fact, I love to learn. You see I have the student Archetype. I will never stop learning.

Was there someone in your life that told you you were not good enough? Drop me a line below. Let’s hear from you. We all can learn from each other.

Dare to be More!

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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Something we have all questioned in our lifetime

The path to being more....

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading future blogs that will inspire you and make you Dare to be More in your life.

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