Hi, I am Lynn Lindberg,


I have dedicated my life to helping people feel better or get better. I work as a Life Coach and Certified Archetypal Consultant. My calling in life began at the age of 15, when I entering the healthcare field as a nurse’s assistant. I then went on to compete my nursing degree as a registered nurse. I have spent decades working in the healthcare field and the holistic wellness field.


My journey in life took me on many different paths of study. I am well aware of the body, mind and soul connection. I have practised therapeutic touch and reiki for years with clients. I have years of experience working as a herbalist and nutritionist helping people reach their optimal health. I was even a diabetic educator for many years.For thirteen years I did Live Blood Analysis and educated clients on keeping healthy. I even owned a organic health food store and wellness clinic. I am now a student of Astrology. 


I completed the certificate program in Applied Counselling Specialization in Addiction Studies at the University of Manitoba, and went on to study Crisis Counselling and Interpersonal Communication Skills. I was a co-facilitator of marriage and Family Issues programs.


I am an ongoing student who loves to learn. A friend of mine gave me a cassette series of recordings of a spiritual and healing course by Caroline Myss almost thirty years ago. Ever since then, Caroline has been one of my favorite teachers. Caroline Myss is a best selling author of many books, my favorite of which is Sacred Contracts. After reading this book, I decided to enroll in the Sacred Contracts Online Professional Certification program which is a two year program through the Caroline Myss’s CMED Institute. The program helped me discover who I am and why I am here in this lifetime. It helped bring insight and awareness into my own personal and professional life in order to serve others. It was a wonderful journey of self discovery. Once I completed the course, I was certified as an Archetypal Consultant by the CMED Institute.


Another area of interest for me is the spiritual life. Caroline Myss also teaches on spiritual direction and I have been a student of her classes for many years.


I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) with my husband, who is my biggest supporter. I enjoy being outdoors hiking, walking, biking or golfing. Our winters can be very cold and have a lot of snow but I still manage to get out and enjoy the beauty around me. I love to travel and have seen and experienced some very sacred places in the world. I have been practising yoga for many years and I try to feed my body healthy food each day. I practice the body, mind and spiritual connection daily which is important to me. Contemplation and solitude are part of my daily practice, I even have my own Spiritual Director that I meet with regularly.


I work with clients both long-distance by phone, Facetime, Zoom or by Skype as well as in person. You can schedule an appointment by visiting my website at www.lynnlindberg.com or call me at 204-255-1397. I am also available by emailing at info@lynnlindberg.com